Driving Academy

This is not just any driving experience. World Sportscar series driver Johnny Mowlem will be using the latest technology in driver training from 'Drive Data' using in car cameras and data logging equipment. Your one-to-one on-track coaching will be recorded on a DVD along with road speed, engine revs, lateral and longitudinal g-forces, throttle position and braking all displayed on an easy to read on-screen 'virtual dashboard'.

Johnny is not only a high profile international racedriver, but also an instructor with over 10 years experience, and he will use this tool to good effect to allow you to concentrate on individual areas of your driving technique, to allow you to gain those vital seconds per lap. Accompanying your DVD, which is presented to you after your day's tuition, is a CD-ROM containing all the data and analysis software to allow you to examine every aspect of your driving, braking tecniques, gearchange, cornering forces and overall speeds. Overlays to other laps are included so you can easiily gauge your improvements from previous sessions or days. As Johnny says: "Even professional drivers never stop learning and looking for ways to improve".

For more information on availability and the various levels of coaching on offer please send an email to info@johnnymowlem.com

Corporate Hospitality Package, Le Mans 24hr

The chance to be part of the glory, VIP styleat one of motorsport's finest spectacles. An opportunity to be the guest of one of the World's top sportscar drivers; Johnny Mowlem at of one of the world's most famous races and host key clients, providing them with the inside view as to what it is like to be a competitor at the Le Mans 24 hours. You will be there to witness all the drama of one the world's hardest motorsport endurance races, from standing in the pitlane during pitstops, to potentially hanging out the pit-board as your car and driver goes whistling past at 200mph!

Or if you prefer you can just invite your friends (and/or family) and just soak up the real race atmosphere first hand and get the full racing experience of what it is like to be a racing driver at Le Mans, whilst still enjoying all the five star comforts and hospitality that Le Mans has to offer.

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Sky Television Sponsorship Opportunity

TV title sponsorship? Why not sponsor Mowlem's TV Travels?

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